Thank you and Ticks

Hi, just wanted to thank Natalie and Anne for giving this old retiree something to do 😀 .

I’m so glad I joined this league last year, and going to the first game of the season was much more comfortable this year as I knew more people (and remembered first names…sometimes).  I look forward to more newbies joining in – keep recruiting!

I know we are all adults here who probably don’t need to be reminded but I’m going to mention the issue with ticks anyhow.  Since I’ve been a volunteer Trail Watcher for the Royal Botanical Gardens, ticks are usually in the forefront of our mind when it comes to being outside in tall grasses and bushy areas.    Everything you read about ticks says to wear light coloured clothing and tuck your pants into your socks.  Well this isn’t our usual dress code when it comes to golf.  So please be careful when it comes to searching for errant balls in long grass and the foliage.  You won’t feel a tick biting you, but if you see a red spot or the distinctive ‘bull’s eye’ formation around a bite, get thee to your doctor.

So on the course, please check your bare skin areas for ticks and use a tick key to remove it. Personally, since I can easily lose balls in short grass, I don’t bother hunting through the tall grass or bushes.

Tick key

Happy golfing!