High Visibility Golf Balls

I used to think the coloured balls were more of a novelty, but after having lost a lot of WHITE golf balls lately, I decided to do a little research on what are the most visible golf ball colours, and promptly ordered some yellow ones based on the following (which is just a general consensus, nothing scientific here):
1. Green golf balls – the reviewer liked the Volvik Vivid Green as the easiest to see
2. Yellow golf balls – the mainstay of coloured golf balls
3. Pink golf balls – not very masculine, but easy to spot (can you tell this was written by a man :D)
4. Orange golf balls – not a good idea in the fall
5. White golf balls
6. Red golf balls
7 . Blue golf balls – they get lost in the sky and don’t contrast as well on the ground
The only difference between a high visibility golf ball and a white ball of the same model is the colour of the cover. The rest of the construction of the same model of golf ball is identical. 
Can high visibility golf balls improve my score? Yes and no. The color of the ball won’t make a difference to the way you hit the ball so physically no. But psychologically, the fun aspect and the ability to see your ball more easily through the air does give you a small confidence boost.  When you know you’re going to find your golf ball because you saw exactly where it landed and can walk directly to that spot, you feel confident to grip it and rip it. The lack of confidence inhibits your swing.
The top rated balls are:
– Volvik Vivid (best visibility and performance combo)
– Callaway Chrome Soft (best all-round golf ball regardless of colour)
– Chromax M1x (best disco-ball-visibility for slower swingers)
– Srixon Z-Star (colourful alternative to the Pro V1)
– Callaway SuperSoft Multicolor Pack (best performing for slower swingers)

Don’t Get Teed Off, Tee Off Instead!

Hi, there were a half a dozen of us who got out to Burlington Springs Golf Club this last Wednesday the 15th.  The consensus was that we loved the course – very wide and forgiving fairways yet a good challenge.   We definitely have to return.

Next up for some golf is Monday, August 20th at Indian Wells Golf Club.  The weather is looking fine for Monday and Anne B is arranging our tee times for us.  Please check the Calendar of Events for her email and contact her asap if you’re interested in playing on Monday.

Then, for Thursday the 23, Donna C is arranging a pick up game for us at a course to be advised.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a Glow Golf event at Dragon’s Fire.  We have 4 people who have signed up thus far, so if you’re interested please contact me at the email address indicated in the Calendar of Events.  Alternatively if you have a two some or foursome to enter, please call the club directly and we’ll see you there.   Note that carts will not be in used, you will be walking the course.  With lots of bug spray this should be a really fun event.

At Burlington Springs Golf Course

Glow Golf Notice

Who is Golfing?

Good morning golfers!  Just a note to say that with summer holidays this year, your board is working hard to arrange our alternate night Nine & Dines, and pick up games for the rest of what we have left for summer.  The horrid humidity is gone for a while, so let’s make use of this better weather to get out and golf.

Please check back here on the Calendar of Events as to when and where we’re arranging games.  Tomorrow, August 13th, we have a good group coming out and there are still some tee times available.  Please check the calendar for whom to contact to come out and play and dine.


At Saugeen Shores Golf

At Deerfield Golf

Golfing at Millcroft Golf and Country

This evening we golfed at Millcroft Golf and Country Club in Burlington. The weather was just perfect for golfing – very sunny  and ‘bare arms’ temps. The fairways and greens here are just gorgeous and on par, in my humble opinion, with Glen Abbey’s. These were some seriously groomed fairways where it felt like you’re walking on the best astro turf in the world.

🍽 Afterwards, most everyone stayed to have a bite to eat in the bright porch room with floor to ceiling windows all around. Both the food and the service were good.

Everyone new and already familiar with Millcroft, like this course a lot it seems, so we will be back🏌️‍♀️ But be forewarned if you’re walking this course – there are quite some treks between holes.

It was also mentioned a few times tonight how everyone is liking alternating Monday nights at Flamborough Hills golf with a Burlington based club. Cheers to the board for making the decision to change it up this season