Lots of laughter heard at Jan 23 EWGA Indoor Event – Don’t Miss Next One on Feb 13th, 2017

On Monday January 23, 2017 – eight members of EWGA dragged their golf clubs out of their basements and met at Far Away Greens.

  • We had two hours of laughter as we picked out dream course to play (one group played St. Andrews and another played Banff Springs). There was pizza, drinks and tips.
  • Both groups had a one hour lesson as well – thanks to Fareen Samji. It was amazing. Everyone left with some very practical and customized tips.

Don’t miss the next two times we repeat indoor golf. Feb 13 and March 6.

Go to www.ewga.ca to register. Guests and members welcome!


July 22 Family & Friends 9 and Dine

A heat-resistant group of members and guests had a wonderful summer evening playing nine holes on the Old Course at Knollwood on Friday.

The temperature was enough to wilt the weeds, the humidex was enough to make one’s mascara run, but there was a nice breeze and a well stocked refreshment cart.

We had 4 foursomes play and join together to tell lies and fabrications about how poorly all the people in their group played. As cards were tallied there were shrieks of pleasure at improvements and groans at bad shots that damaged hard won handicaps. Mostly we were congratulating each other on a fine outing and regaling our after-golf table mates with stories of great shots made and witnessed.

We toasted each other on the patio, shared dinner into the twilight, and marvelled at the Banana Split or Brownie Sundae desserts.

Here is a view of the party!

2016-07-22 20.46.17

Why don’t you join us next month?

We’ll be playing the New Course and dining at the Old Course on Fri Aug 26. Call the clubhouse at 905-648-8285 to reserve your tee time. Don’t forget to tell them you are with EWGA.

2016 Golden Horseshoe Chapter Championship

This year we joined in with the Waterloo Chapter for our Chapter Championship. We played at the Doon Valley Golf Course in Kitchener. Here is a link to the website.


Here is a link to the scorecard with the course map.


Golden Horseshoe had five members in competitive play. Each of competed in one of five flights – based on their handicaps.

While we played with the Kitchener Waterloo chapter, they “competed” as our own chapter.  They got a break as the weather improved; the temperature cooled down and the humidity dropped for the weekend.

The great news is that there was one EWGA Golden Horseshoe Member per each flight so we were all winners.


Anne Bermingham 2016 Chapter Champion

Anne Bermingham
2016 Chapter Champion

Natalie Laforet 2016 Chapter Champion

Natalie Laforet
2016 Chapter Champion

Janet Canavan 2016 Chapter Champion

Janet Canavan
2016 Chapter Champion

Debbie Munroe 2016 Chapter Champion

Debbie Munroe
2016 Chapter Champion

Linda Burroughsford 2016 Chapter Champion

Linda Burroughsford
2016 Chapter Champion

Linda Burroughsford, Debbie Munro; Natalie Laforet, Janet Canavan and Anne Bermingham are able to go on and compete with 15 chapter champions from their equivalent flights.

Golden Horseshoe has five competitors now qualified for the EWGA Upper MidEast Semi-Finals on Saturday August 27th.

It takes place at the Quail Hollow Resort in Painesville, Ohio.

Congratulations to each of you.

Anyone interested in joining them on this trip to cheer them on?

Chapter Championship Saturday July 16, 2016

Chapter Championship – Saturday July 16, 2016

Waterloo Region and Golden Horseshoe Chapters are excited to be heading into another year for EWGA Chapter Championship.  Come out and join us at Doon Valley Golf Course in Kitchener.

This will be primarily a competitive event.  Again this year, we will provide spaces for ladies wishing to participate on the fun side.  This is for members who may not be ready for the competitive aspect or who still want to golf simply for the fun of it. Please indicate your interest in either the competitive or fun stream to the Championship Director; the contact information is listed below. For more detailed information click here.

We will again be in need of volunteers for this event as there are a number of tasks that happen behind the scenes in order to make the event possible.

An official EWGA or GAO Handicap Factor is required to participate in the competitive format. Click here if you need help accessing your handicap.

There will be two types of competitions:

Individual Stroke Play in 5 flights  Detailed Stroke Play
and Team Scramble.  Detailed Scramble Play

1st place winners are eligible to advance to the Semi-Final competition for our District (Upper Mideast) at Quail Hollow Resort (Devlin Course) in Painesville Ohio on August 27th. First place winners include low gross and low net for individual stroke play and only low net for scramble play.

Tournament Day Agenda and Registration Details

9:15 – 10am                     Registration
10:00am – 10:45am          Rules Meeting (registration closed)
11:15am                           Tee Times Begin
4:00 – 6:00pm                   Socializing and Awards Presentation

Meals and beverages can be ordered from the menu.

Fees and Registration:

To register go to www.ewga.ca Event Registration 

Use the Category drop-down menu to select Waterloo Region events and then choose your option.  Competitors also need to register on the US site (see below) and indicate individual or scramble play there. (includes EWGA Championship Entry Fee, golf, prizes and taxes.

Option 1 –  Competitive – Cart  $60.00
(+ US$50 paid separately – see **note and link below**)

Option 2 –  Competitive – Walking  $40.00
(+ US$50 paid separately – see **note and link below**)

Option 3  –  Fun – Cart  $60.00

Option 4 –   Fun – Walking $40.00

**Competitors also need to register for the Chapter Championship on the US website.  The fee is US $50.

Waterloo members  Click here to register on the US website.**
Golden Horseshoe members Click here to register on the US website.**

The Registration Deadline for Competitive Play is June 24th, 2016.

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa Narayansingh, the Chapter Championship Director, at lisanarayan@hotmail.com.